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Photograph Print by Yip Cheong Fun.

This artwork is mounted on mattboard.

Down Memory Lane in Singapore:

This award-winning picture is indeed captivating. The portrait of three boys is a world class print exhibited all over the world. The citation is the attached German Certificate of Honour for this photograph called it an “Outstanding Performance in Photography.” In the present day context, we can see quite clearly that the photographer was able to capture the anxiety shown on the children’s face in a disaster incident in Indonesia, reflecting their concern and worry. Many people, who have gone through the harrowing experience in the recent Tsunami disaster, immediately recognised the look on the children’s faces and eyes, and are deeply attracted and for some, tearfully touched by this portraiture here. Such is the power and strength of this artistic creation.

Above all, the photographer is able to capture the innocence and purity of childhood, and the interesting moods and expressions of the children in most of his work on child portraiture. It is for this reason that many photographic salons all over the world have hailed the photographer as a master of Child Portraiture. In such studies, what the photographer looked out for was the spark and look in the children’s eyes and the expressions on their faces, the anxiety and mood that become apparent and their telling glances. Each picture tells a story. This is what child portraiture is about.

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